Am Mood AP MOOD was born in 2018 from the project of Annalisa with the aim of connecting the most classic and elegant women's clothing with the dynamism of the body and the expressivity of its movements. It is a high quality tailoring brand completely made in Italy that includes two main collections with a timeless design, suitable for every occasion and for every woman. The careful choice of colors, prints and fabrics makes the garments versatile and compliant with every taste. La Balera trousers and the top Dinah Top are the two main selections that are declined in different versions, going beyond the concept of seasonality.

Annalisa PositanoThanks to a training path within Fashion, a passion for dance and the study of painting methods such as watercolor, Annalisa has found a unique way to express the different shades of her personality. Her aesthetic enhances beauty in simplicity and in the shapes and concepts that most represent the brand.